Lin Dan has advanced to the top 8 of Gwangju and needs to meet a condition if he wants to enter the finals
Lin Dan advanced to the top 8 of the Gwangju Masters.Picture / Visual China World Badminton Professional Tournament Korea Gwangju Masters today started the second round of competition. Lin Dan fought hard for 83 minutes and reversed the local player Xu Dongxi to the top 8.Brother Lu Guangzu eliminated Wang Ziwei, helping Lin Dan retain his hope of participating in the World Badminton Finals.The Gwangju Masters is the final stop of this year’s finals.In the standings updated on Tuesday, Lin Dan ranked 10th, which was 3230 points away from the 8th place of Wang Ziwei of Chinese Taipei.If you want to beat the whistle to overtake Super, you must meet two conditions: Prince Victoria won the quarterfinals, Lin Dan won the championship.Earlier today, Lu Guangzu defeated Wang Ziwei 21-18, 13-21 and 21-18, helping Lin Dan meet a condition.Subsequently, Lin Dan played against Xu Dongxi.In the first game, they lost 26 to 28 and returned to the city 21 to 19.In the decisive game, Lin Dan was chased by 8 points in a row with a 20 to 11 lead, and finally decisively gathered in the face of the key ball to advance again 21 to 19 thrilling.Lin Dan’s top 8 opponent was Tannon Sak in Thailand. The two men fought three times and Lin Dan won all, but the last encounter was in 2017.In the case of getting the finals in advance, Shi Yuqi, Chen Long and Denmark’s Ansai Long, An Dongsen and other players have withdrawn from the Gwangju station; until, Wu Jialang, Xibenquan Tai and other seed players have also been eliminated.It can be said that whether Lin Dan can seize the opportunity to rise to the top 8 in order to win the whistle to qualify for the finals, the biggest opponent is himself.