LG Cup Chinese four advance to the quarterfinals Ke Jie reversal will fight Shen Zhen
On May 31st, the 22nd LG Cup World Go Chess King’s top 16 battle was added to Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. Ke Jie continued to win and lose, eventually reversing Jiang Dongrun; Jiang Weijieli Ke Pu Tinghuan, two consecutive victories in South KoreaOne person; Zhou Ruiyang suffered the reversal of Japan’s first person, Jingshan Yutai; China’s Ke Jie, Jiang Weijie, Yang Dingxin, and Xie Erhao entered the top 8.The other four of the top 8 are South Korea’s Cui Zhehan, Shen Zhenshen, Li Yuanrong and Japan’s Jingshan Yutai.The quarter-finals are about to be antique on November 11, and Ke Jie will play against Shen Zhen’s second-ranked South Korea.The semifinals will be antique on November 13.The top eight players took a picture with Ke Jie. Jiang Dongrun played four matches in the league and won two innings. Ke Jie was eliminated by Jiang Dongrun in the 20th LG Cup top 8 last year. Ke Jie lost Jiang Dongrun in the 21st Samsung Cup 32 last year.But it did not affect the subsequent defending.Jiang Dongrun VS Ke Jie guessed that Ke Jie played white chess successively. Like the first game of AlphaGo, he used Xiaomu again, three-three start, and then white 6 immediately three-three.Jiang Dongrun imitated AlphaGo, and Black 23 formed the same part as the first game of the man-machine war.Bai 26 immediately broke out of the battle, and Ke Jie gave a novice after reflection.The two sides started a fierce battle that spread across the board, Jiang Dongrun played well, and Ke Jie’s novice was not successful.White 108 is Ke Jie’s first winning hand, and until Black 141 forms a conversion, White gradually gets cheaper, and partial Jiang Dongrun still prevails.Then Ke Jie tried to create chaos, and Black 169 chose to switch here. To Black 181, Black ate the bottom left corner, and Jiang Dongrun entered Guanzi with a slight advantage.Bai 224 began to stir up the game. Jiang Dongrun, who had counted down the counter, made a mistake. The lower left corner was played. To 236, Black was killed instead, and Ke Jie reversed and won.Jiang Weijie played against South Korea’s first player Park Ting-hwan, and White 14 played AlphaGo in the third game of the man-machine war.Black 19 did not follow the usual three-way lead. Jiang Weijie and Bai 20 immediately cut off the battle, and to Bai 46, Bai’s order was successful.Since then, Jiang Weijie has always seized the advantage and won by 276 hands.In the last round, Li Shishi was eliminated. In this round, Park Ting-hwan was defeated and the new and old first person in South Korea was continuously defeated. In the past two years, China’s first quiet post-90s world champion is expected to usher again.Zhou Ruiyang and Japan’s first man Yu Shan Jingshan played for the first time. He who played Baiqi quickly gained an advantage in the prelude.However, when Jingshan Yutai scored the white chess on the left, Zhou Ruiyang’s attack was unfavorable and was easily dealt with by his opponent. Eventually, he was overturned.At this point, all previous champions and runners-up are out.This is the first time Yuyama Ita has scored in the top 8 of the LG Cup.The South Korean teenager Li Yuanrong, who eliminated the previous champion Dang Yifei in the last round, once again defeated another Chinese post-90s world champion Tang Weixing.Chen Yaoye lost to his old opponent Cui Zhehan.Two young Chinese born in 1998 played well, Xie Hao eliminated Jin Zhixi, and Yang Dingxin won Jin Mingxun.In another game, Shinshin Shin, the second-ranked Korean superstar, defeated the Japanese chess player Toshihiko Ida.The number of Chinese chess players who were unfavorable in this game was promoted to 4 and occupied half of the top 8.After the match, the top 8 draws were conducted, and the match was as follows: Ke Jie (middle) VS Shen Zhen’s (Han) Xie Erhao (middle) VS Cui Zhehan (Han) Jiang Weijie (middle) VS Li Yuanrong (Han) Yang Dingxin (middle) VS Jing ShanyuToo (Japan) LG Cup matches take 3 hours on each side, 5 countdowns of 40 seconds, and no lunch break.The winner’s prize is 300 million won, and the runner-up prize is 100 million won.