Exploring innovative public welfare, Tencent Games launches anti-Ai game Blue Bridge Cafe

Exploring innovative public welfare, Tencent Games launches anti-Ai game “Blue Bridge Cafe”
Produced by the Sauna Yenet Cultural and Entertainment Center on December 1, 2019 is the 32nd World AIDS Day.According to the latest data released by the National Health and Welfare Commission, as of the end of October 2019, 95 survivors have been reported nationwide.80,000, the overall epidemic situation continues to be at a low epidemic level.The proportion of infected people who meet the conditions of treatment nationwide received antiviral treatment was 86.6%, the treatment was successfully rebuilt 93.5%.In fact, the transmission of AIDS is basically eliminated through blood transfusion, the transmission through intravenous drug use and mother-to-child transmission are effectively controlled, and sexual transmission has become the main method of transmission.Although the overall prevalence of AIDS is at a low prevalence level, the number of more young people infected has shown an increasing trend, which has attracted social attention.According to data released by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 3,000 young students between the ages of 15 and 24 are infected with AIDS every year; reorganization, according to a statistics of 10,000 netizens by the China Association for STD and AIDS Prevention, nearly half of netizensI don’t know if AIDS can take alternative medicine to actively correct.The self-protection awareness of young students needs to be strengthened urgently.The public also lacks a systematic and complete understanding of AIDS scientists.Under the guidance of the China STD / AIDS Prevention Association, China ‘s first anti-AiPop game “Blue Bridge Cafe” came into being.”Blue Bridge Cafe” Anti-Ai public welfare activity site.On December 1, the “Blue Bridge Cafe” anti-ai public welfare activity was held at Wuhan University of Technology.This offline public welfare activity is based on the concept expansion of the game “Blue Bridge Cafe”, during which a cafe, text wall, anti-AIDS game experience area and other conversions are set up, and the popular science knowledge on anti-AIDS can be translated into more people treating AIDS infected people equally.Tencent’s game brand manager Fang Yi explained the meaning of the game name “Blue Bridge Cafe” to the sauna and Yewang at the event site: “Blue, refers to the color of AIDS prevention drugs, and the bridge is to hope that our game is like one axis,Connect the knowledge of the public and the prevention of AIDS, and realize the value of game science.Faced with the spread of AIDS, there are only three ways to mention AIDS, and many people are afraid of avoiding it.”In Gu Changwei’s movie” Favorite “, the actor who got AIDS wanted to help passers-by to pick up the smoke that fell on the ground, but scared the other party to flee; in real life, some participants heard that their colleagues are AIDSThe patient was taken aback, turned around and dared not to look at the other party again.The image of their actions emerged from the “wall of isolation” that lay across people’s hearts.Although the voices against discrimination against HIV-infected people have never weakened in recent years, in real life, the same kind of measurement has never left them.There are only three ways to spread AIDS: sexual transmission, blood transmission and mother-to-child transmission.Shaking hands with AIDS-infected people, language conversations, eating together, and even kissing with routine behavior will not be infected with AIDS.Many people even know the principle of AIDS infection, and they will be in an overly sensitive state, adopting an attitude of “believing in what is more likely than believing in nothing”, thus causing discrimination.These fears and fears stem from the deep-rooted subjective thinking in people’s minds and the moral disputes caused by the demonization of AIDS in the early years.Science popularization and anti-discrimination require the efforts of all sectors of society to eliminate the stigma and subjective discrimination against AIDS in society.In the game “Blue Bridge Cafe”, a doctor’s line also represents the voices of many front-line workers: “I asked myself, what am I afraid of people with AIDS, but I can’t even say one reason.I will not have any high-risk behavior with them, interrupt or replace the infection within 24 hours, what am I afraid of?”The screenshots of the game are equally important to the science of AIDS knowledge.”I’ve seen mothers who care for patients who can’t touch their children, and mothers who have been able to carry out mother-to-child interventions but have children born sick.There are also students who are not much older than my children, because they do not know how to protect themselves, and ended their lives early.I often think that if they knew more than one at the time, if I did more than one, would n’t everything need to be like this.But I don’t have an answer, all I can do is keep on guard, and exist when they need it.”In addition to the doctors struggling on the front line, we, as ordinary people, can also actively assume social responsibility and contribute to the HIV-infected people.As one of the developers of prototype games, Tencent Games is also constantly innovating and constantly exploring the positive value of social games.The Tencent Game Dream Catching Plan actively responded to the call for social AIDS prevention. On November 25, it launched the AIDS prevention game “Blue Bridge Cafe”, which places the stories of three HIV-infected people in the cafe by living.To promote and broaden knowledge about AIDS prevention among 16+ young people.Among them, college students, as the backbone of society, bear important responsibilities in the future work of preventing AIDS.They spread this knowledge through games, so that more people can understand AIDS prevention knowledge, and avoid unnecessary tragedies as much as possible.Through games, the general knowledge of science and education on anti-aizhi knowledge is disseminated in an entertaining way. “Blue Bridge Cafe” was jointly developed by the China Association of STD and AIDS Prevention and Tencent Game Dreaming Program.The professionalism provides a more competitive guarantee.A “manager’s manual” in the game contains common knowledge about AIDS, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and institutional help. Share this knowledge to help more people.In fact, the game adopts a very healing style, which allows players to perceive the warmth of human feelings while gaining knowledge, which greatly improves the spread of the game.The “manager’s manual” that appears in the game.In the traditional forms of lectures, advertisements, etc., the game not only has strong communication and education in the process of popular science, but also has a stronger sense of interaction, a stronger sense of participation, and a stronger visual expression.Under the empowerment of Tencent Games, games are not only an entertainment tool, but also a carrier for advocating healthy and positive transformation.At the same time as the technical attributes of the experts, Tencent Games does not have the substitution and value orientation of overlapping games, but actively promotes cultural inheritance and cultural innovation, promotes socialist core values, and spreads positive energy.In an interview with Sauna and Yeewang, Fang Yi, the brand manager of Tencent Games, talked about the original intention of developing this game: “We hope that through an activity that cures this kind of game, players will learn about HIV and change in a relaxed and friendly environment.The public ‘s stereotypes or fears about AIDS.In fact, the growth rate of infection among young people with AIDS is very fast, and the effective substitution of anti-AIDS prevention is actively being explored from the country to the society.Tencent Games hopes to be able to play games in a relaxed and entertaining way, spreading knowledge about preventing AI, helping young people better understand disease and protect themselves, which is also the beneficial value that games can bring to society.”[Dream chasing plan]The Tencent game chasing dream plan was officially launched on March 24, 2019, trying to explore the cross-border application value of the game, so that in addition to the entertainment function of the game, the game can also become a cultural inheritance and exchange, talent stimulation and training, guidanceCarrier for positive health assessment.The Dream Chasing Plan has three directions: “Digital Culture Inheritance Plan”, “National Power Science and Technology Education Plan” and “Social Public Welfare Care Plan”, which are aimed at the government, industry and consumers, and convey the positive value of games.At present, games such as “Zi Yue Poetry Cloud”, “Good Period”, “Forbidden City: Pocket Palace Carpenter” and other games have been launched to make traditional culture more modern and popular;Yu Lezhong helps the national popular science; public welfare games such as “See” and “Shadow of the Sky” promote the concept of public welfare through digital products and arouse the care of special people.Modern society is inseparable from the game entertainment industry and game creators.Creators need to integrate the best culture and cutting-edge technology into game products, and constantly show unique interaction, sociality and inclusiveness, so that the game and entertainment industry can surpass and develop more continuously.In addition to entertainment functions, game creators should also actively take on social responsibility and social mission, bring healthier and healthier quality games to the public, and constantly promote the game culture to play a more positive role.The Tencent Game Dream Chasing Plan, which continuously exports positive value to the society, is set as a room for development in the future of the gaming field.Sauna, Yewang Xu Meilin Liu Shujun Editor Wu Dongni Proofreading Liu Baoqing