Zhou Dongyu: Resuming work still familiar taste, looking forward to Zeng Dao coming to see me again

Zhou Dongyu: Resuming work “still familiar taste”, looking forward to Zeng Dao coming to see me again
On May 6, when Er Dongsheng, chairman of the Hong Kong Film Awards, uncovered the best actress’ envelope and read the name “Dong Zhou Yu”, she was reading the script around the crew.The title of “Youngest Double Actress at Golden Award and Golden Horse Award” is pressure and motivation for Zhou Dongyu.Behind this honor, the partners are all the same director-Zeng Guoxiang, Zhou Dongyu very much hope that the two can cooperate again, “Look forward to Zeng Dao come to me again.”Asked how it feels to gradually resume work and return to the crew, Zhou Dongyu replied: “It’s still a familiar taste. Back to work, everyone is full of energy.”The 39th Hong Kong Golden Awards was announced.” Youth of You “won 8 awards and won the Golden Award. I really did not dare to think about the sauna night net: When the results of the Golden Awards were announced, what were you doing?Do you think you will win the prize?Zhou Dongyu: At that time, I was reading the script around the crew. I didn’t dare to think about winning the prize.Sauna Night Net: After getting the best actress, who is the first one to congratulate you?Zhou Dongyu: My team, they were next to me at the time, and when I announced it, I just walked into their room and everyone was very excited.Sauna Nightnet: In 2016, she won the Golden Horse Award for Best Actress with “July and Ansheng”. She also cooperated with the director team of Zeng Guoxiang. Is there any plan to cooperate with the director for the next time?Zhou Dongyu: I hope to cooperate again and look forward to Zeng Dao coming to see me again.Sauna Night Net: Golden Horse Golden Statue Double Material Best Hostess, Will It Bring You Stress?Zhou Dongyu: There will be pressure, but pressure is also the driving force. I will work harder to interpret each role and live up to the audience’s love and support for me.Sauna Night Net: Golden trophy can be sent by the organizing committee, or it can be given later when the award is given offline. When do you plan to get the trophy?Zhou Dongyu: Will there be an additional award ceremony under the cable?Then I am curious about the form of awards, because the awards have been announced, it is very interesting to think about.>>> Er Dongsheng: The awarding ceremony of the Golden Awards will be held offline, and actors need trophies can be mailed to Sauna Yewang: Where did the Golden Horse Trophy last place?Zhou Dongyu: My mother carefully displayed it on the shelf, my honor list.Back to the crew, everyone was full of energy. Sauna Night Net: Some time ago, the epidemic was serious. What do you do when you are isolated at home?Did you gain weight?Zhou Dongyu: Those who do sports to accompany their family to cook and chat are the daily life.A lot of staff around me said that isolation became fatter. If I were fat, my face would be fat first, but the weight would not change much, so I did not pay special attention to it.Sauna Nightnet: Could the first few months be the time when you have the most rest in these years, and enjoy this state of life?Zhou Dongyu: Cherish this kind of life, but the holiday is because of the epidemic, so I am still very worried, and I will pay attention to the news every day.Sauna Night Net: Now that I’m gradually returning to work, how does it feel to return to the crew?Zhou Dongyu: It’s still a familiar taste. Back at work, everyone is full of energy.Sauna Nightnet: Did the epidemic give you a new feeling for work and life?Zhou Dongyu: I think physical health is really important, we still need to strengthen exercise and enhance physical fitness.Sauna, Yenet Editor Teng Chao Huang Jialing Proofreading Zhao Lin