2017 Badminton Asian Championship Men’s Singles Semifinals: Lin Dan VS Li Zongwei Game Video
The 2017 Asian Badminton Championship ended the semi-final competition. In the highly anticipated 39th Lin Li battle, Lin Dan won two straight games. In the end, Lin Dan will play against his teammate Chen Long.Click to watch: In the 2017 Badminton Asian Championship men’s singles semi-final Lin Dan VS Li Zongwei video men’s singles semi-final, Li Zongwei was in poor condition and could not break through Lin Dan’s suppression, and Lin Dan fired fully. Eventually, Lin Dan 21-13 21-15 won easily and advanced to the final.Following the Malaysian Open this month, Lin Dan defeated Li Zongwei again, and the record of the two players changed to 27-12.Another men’s singles semi-final staged the Chinese derby. The Olympic champion Chen Long went straight in two games, eliminating teammate Shi Yuqi and breaking into the final.He will compete with Lin Dan for the men’s singles championship of this Asian Championship.Latest News: Badminton Asian Championship Men’s Singles Final Chen Long Reverses Lin Dan’s First Win