Ignition, sealing plate, leading stocks .
“Ignition, sealing, switching between high and low, leading stocks . There are many tactics for hot money, and some tactics also have many details to pay attention to.According to Zhou Hai (pseudonym), hot money is the most profitable investment faction since the establishment of A shares.”It mainly depends on emotions, and it is mainly based on short-term operations, but it is also inseparable from the analysis of fundamentals, policies, market styles, etc., because emotions are caused by these factors.”He has been in the business for 5 years and is currently a partner of a hot money team.”  Since the beginning of this year, A-share market sentiment has been active, and Tesla, Huawei and epidemic-related concepts continue to ferment.According to Choice statistics, between January 2 and March 18, the first trading day of 2020, institutions, sales offices and other trading seats made a total of 34,048 listings, more than 26,341 in the same period of 2019.Nearly 30%.  In fact, there are frequent “demon stocks” in the market. Xinlong Holdings, Soyut, Saturday, Mould Technology, Ogilvy Medical and other stocks have all gone through a period of rapid growth this year. The main force behind them is-Hot money has also become one of the concerns of investors.  Market: The 10 active business departments have been listed on the Dragon Tiger List 2209 times this year. The impression of investors is often mysterious. Generally, they can only “perceive” their existence through the business department on the Dragon Tiger List.Zhou Hai told the sauna and Yewang. “It’s all about the hot money to open an account in the sales department. There is nothing special about it.”In order to help reduce the more active brokerage business department, Sauna and Yewang use the number of appearances in the Dragon Tiger List each year as an indicator. According to the statistics of Choice data, in the six years from 2014 to 2019, a total of 10 brokerages operatedThe department has 3 or more years, ranking in the top 10 of the annual Dragon and Tiger List.  Among them, Huatai Securities Shenzhen Yitian Road Rongchao Business Center business department has entered the top ten every year, and it has been on the Dragon Tiger List 4742 times in total in 6 years; followed by Huatai Securities Xiamen Xiahe Road Sales Department and Ping An Securities Shenzhen Shennan East RoadThe sales department of Luohu Business Center has entered the top ten in 5 years.  Followed by the sales department of Jinbi Road in Shanghai Fengxian District, Guojin Securities Shanghai Internet Securities Branch, Guoxin Securities Shenzhen Tairan 9th Road Sales Department and Huatai Securities Shanghai Wuding Road Business Department, each entering the top 10 for 4 years.The Guotai Junan Securities Shanghai Fushan Road Securities Sales Department, Tibet Oriental Fortune Securities Lhasa Tuanjie Road Second Sales Department and CITIC Securities Shanghai Liyang Road Securities Sales Department each entered the top ten for three years.  The data shows that since the beginning of this year, the above 10 sales departments have been listed on the Dragon and Tiger List 2209 times, and they are particularly concerned about individual stocks in the chemical, automotive, and medical device industries.The top three in the industry of the stocks listed in the sales department.  From the perspective of individual stocks, a total of 1,205 stocks have triggered the trading information disclosure mechanism since this year, and they have entered the Dragon and Tiger List. Among them, there are more than 7 stocks with more than 20 listings, 33 times for Xinlong Holdings.31 times for molding technology, 28 times for environmental protection of Qiaoyin Bank, 26 times for Ogilvy Medical, 23 times for TEDA, 22 times for Shenzhen Konka A and 20 times for Zhende Medical.  These stocks include the concept of raw material meltblown cloth for masks, mask production, Tesla, medical waste treatment, semiconductor and other concepts.Among them, Xinlong Holdings ‘main business includes meltblown fabrics, which continue from the 7th after the Spring Festival holiday.31 yuan / share increased to the highest point of the year touched on March 10 intraday 14.95 yuan / share, a gradual increase of 104.5%.However, as of the close of March 18, its combined report was 10.11 yuan / share, has fallen by 32 from the highest point in the year.3%.  Hot money: The stock selection depends mainly on emotions, and we are going to create the “best stock”. During the epidemic phase, we must have caused the concept stocks of the epidemic to pay more attention.”A lot of times are based on market sentiment. Hot money is mainly short-term operations, mainly looking at sentiment. When sentiment is good, there is a rising stop, and when sentiment is bad, it is a falling stop.Talking about the stock selection ideas of hot money, Zhou Hai said, “However, emotions often have to be combined with fundamentals, estimates, themes, and national policies, because many times emotions are generated by these factors, and emotions are difficult to quantifyBut something that can be partially quantified.”Emotions need to be studied and understood about fundamentals, policy strength, individual stock strength, time-sharing strength, etc.”Zhou Hai said, “I think that hot money is an objective investment strategy and the most profitable faction since the establishment of A shares. That was how Xu Xiang and other developing country leaders grew up.Various factors such as sentiment, structure, market style, individual stock strength, time-sharing strength, A-share trading characteristics, trading system and other factors determine the objective existence of hot money dispatch and corresponding trading strategies.”Do you know what is the best stock?”It is a stock that cannot be bought, a stock that has reached a daily limit, and hot money is a strategy of making a premium for the money of the best stock in the process of creating the best stock.This is the hot money strategy, which can be so simple to understand.”When explaining what is a hot money strategy, Zhou Hai said,” There are many tactics for hot money, which are very interesting. It replaces ignition, sealing, switching between high and low, leading stocks, etc. Certain tactics also have many details to pay attention to.Market level, sentiment, individual stock sector level, sector sustainability, imagination, etc. all need to be considered.”Zhou Hai explained to reporters one of the tactics of” ignition “, he said:” When the strands start, there is no daily limit, but you feel that there is a decrease in daily limit, this time sometimes we will change it from rising 3% Has risen to 7%, and it has been pulled by 4 points. At this time, it is an ignition strategy. Many people who block the board will receive the money of the ignition person, and they will stop this stock up and down.Add a handful of fire to make a small time-sharing double.”However, although in Zhou Hai’s view, hot money is an objectively existing” famous decent “, but in the eyes of the outside world, hot money also has a dark side.A senior employee of a brokerage business department in South China told Sauna and Yewang: “The concept of hot money is many and similar. There is a team that allows retail investors to listen to them and buy the same stock at the same time.The operation methods of hot money have been carefully studied and analyzed, but there are also insider trading, cooperate with listed companies to pull the prospects, do Zhuang, etc.”A senior partner of a securities law firm told Sauna, Yewang:” There is usually a gold owner behind hot money. This is an industry that licks blood. When the market is good, it can make a lot of money, and when the market is bad, it will go bad.Everyone is a creditor and a debtor, and people in the circle have too many triangular debts.When the market is good, earning money is fast. From the market, tens of millions is very easy.”Sauna, Ye Wang Xiao Wei Li Yunqi editor Sun Yong proofreading Li Ming reporter contact email: xiaowei @ xjbnews.com