Insurance consumers pay attention!The long-term medical insurance rate is adjustable, and it will be easier to buy in the future?
The long-awaited long-term medical insurance rate adjustment rules have finally been issued.On April 2, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission issued the “Notice on Issues Related to Long-Term Medical Insurance Product Rate Adjustment” (hereinafter referred to as “Notice”), which clarifies the range of long-term medical insurance products for rate adjustment, basic requirements for rate adjustment, and rateAdjusted information disclosure requirements and other related content.In general, in November last year, the newly revised “Health Insurance Management Measures” mentioned that insurance companies can agree to adjust the rate of long-term medical insurance products in insurance products. The notice issued this time is precisely this clause.Details.At the beginning of the year, medical insurance attracted the attention of consumers because of its high cost performance and high practicality. Data show that in 2019, medical insurance original insurance premium income reached 244.2 billion US dollars, an increase of 32%, far exceeding the industry’s total premium growth rate of about 20Digits.However, in terms of time limit, most of them are 1-year business, and long-term medical insurance products are replaced. Therefore, the China Banking Regulatory Commission said that the notification through the date rate adjustment mechanism clearly conveyed a positive signal to encourage the development of long-term medical insurance, which is conducive toConsumers provide insurance products with a guaranteed term and more comprehensive liability.For the first time three years after the rate-adjusted products are properly listed, according to the requirements of the notice, insurance companies develop and design long-term medical insurance products with rate-adjusted pricing only at the natural rate and the insurance period exceeds one year, or the insurance period does not exceed one yearBut medical insurance products with guaranteed renewal terms.At the same time, it is stipulated that the long-term medical insurance products shall be appropriately adjusted in terms of supplementary products. The first time for the adjustment of the rate shall be no earlier than 3 years from the date of product marketing, and the interval of each rate adjustment shall not be less than 1 year.In terms of customer protection and information disclosure, the notice requires that insurance companies properly resolve insurers ‘questions about rate adjustments, properly handle complaints and disputes arising, and do well in customer service.It is worth noting that the long-term medical insurance price adjustment is not “adjustment if you want to adjust”. The notice states that if the product’s compensation rate is less than 85% in the previous year and exceeds the average payment rate of the industry-adjustable long-term medical insurance product, 10More than one or more; in the last year, the product had a group visit dispute, and if the Banking Insurance Regulatory Commission requested one of the other three facts that the rate should not be raised, the rate should not be raised in the current year.Zhu Junsheng, deputy director of the Insurance Research Office of the Financial Research Institute of the Development Research Center of the State Council, told the sauna and Yewang that the above-mentioned notice stipulates specific operating methods and requirements to promote the establishment of insurance companies and improve the long-term medical insurance rate adjustment mechanism.In the past, without such a mechanism, it was not clear whether medical insurance rates could be adjusted, and how to adjust them. It was difficult for insurance companies to develop products with “guaranteed renewal”.”The restrictive clauses are mainly to prevent insurance companies from abusing the right to increase the rate, thereby damaging the interests of consumers. Therefore, if the compensation rate is not particularly high, the rate cannot be increased. After all, the increase will increase the consumer’s burden of payment.Only when the operating conditions of a certain insurance product deviate from the predetermined assumption, can it rise.In addition, if a product visit dispute occurred in the last year of a product, this actually shows that the product itself has a relatively large problem, and in this case, it is not suitable for floating rates.Zhu Junsheng admitted.Both consumer insurance companies are benefiting. At present, many hot million medical insurance coverage periods in the market are more than one year, and some products have a warranty renewal function. Only a small number of products have a protection period of more than one year, such as micro medical insurance.The term of protection for long-term medical insurance is 6 years.Zhu Junsheng said frankly, the biggest demand of consumers for health insurance is to guarantee the renewal of the insurance. If it cannot be done, the insured will have health problems again, resulting in the insurance purchased will refuse to continue to provide medical protection. This is for consumers.Huge risk exposure.But the scale, due to the continuous changes in medical technology and health conditions, the risk of long-term insurance policies operated by insurance companies is also great.After the rate is adjusted, the needs of both consumers and insurance companies will be met. In the future, insurance companies can explore medical insurance products that guarantee renewal to provide better protection for consumer health risks. At the same time, under certain conditionsAllowing the adjustment of the tariff rate has also eased the risk of its long-term operation.Therefore, the issuance of this notice will help enrich the product supply.For consumers, insuring long-term health insurance products means that if the health status changes lead to an increase in the risk of medical expenses, or the insurance company stops selling the product, the insurance company still has to bear contractual responsibilities during the insurance period stipulated in the contract.It is an important difference between long-term insurance products and short-term insurance products.Is there any room for short-term medical insurance?Zhu Junsheng believes that the adjustment of long-term medical insurance rates can make a breakthrough in the industry and gradually become the main product form of health insurance in the future.At present, commercial health insurance is mainly based on disease insurance, and serious disease insurance is placed in the disease insurance. The proportion of medical insurance still needs to be reduced, and it is mostly short-term.However, the life insurance attributes of critical illness insurance are reduced, the premiums per item are higher, and the amount of protection is relatively reduced. In terms of the function of protecting medical expenses, it is still limited.After the rate can be adjusted, more and more insurance companies will develop medical insurance that guarantees renewal. The situation of major illness insurance and the short-term medical insurance will change.It is worth noting that after the news that the long-term medical insurance rates in Afghanistan have been adjusted is exposed, many people have discussed whether the space for subsequent development of short-term medical insurance will be compressed?In this regard, a senior product manager told the sauna, Yewang: “In fact, it is mainly the price. If you say that a long-term medical insurance does not adjust the rate within 5 years, the price is the same as the short-term medical insurance, then it is definitely a short-term medical insurance.Yes, at present, big companies are eager to try, we are also prepared, and are still in the design stage.”Sauna, Ye Wang Pan Yichun Editor Zhao Ze proofreading Liu Baoqing