Is the export of BYD masks blocked?Official response: California order is extended for unlimited cancellation
There is no doubt that under the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the well-known car company BYD has also made masks across the border, and claims to be “the world’s largest mass-production mask factory.”According to BYD’s official website, at the end of January, while donating 10 million cash to Hubei Province and donating 1 million yuan worth of protective materials to the frontline personnel, the R & D team established a special team with Wang Chuanfu as the person in charge.”The masks produced by BYD are increasing at a rate of 300,000 to 500,000 pieces per day. Mass production of about 5-10 new mask machines per day can be achieved. Currently, the production capacity of 5 million masks per day has been reached, which is equivalent to the previous national production1/4, BYD has become the world’s largest mass production mask factory.”The news of BYD’s official website on March 13 showed.Recently, some media reported that “The California Emergency Affairs Office of the United States stated that BYD will refund the advance payment paid by the state for a single mask purchase contract (4.9.5 billion US dollars), or 2.$ 4.7 billion.”On May 11, BYD told the sauna, Yewang:” The current state of California mask orders is delayed delivery rather than cancellation, and it has no effect on the delivery of disposable medical masks in the order.In addition, BYD also said: “In addition to the domestic mask market supply, BYD and Softbank Group reached an agreement to cooperate in the production of masks on April 11, and basically still have orders from other US states and other countries. BYD is working overtime to produce moreMasks meet the needs of all parties, so California mask orders have little impact on the company’s operations.”Sauna, Ye Wang, editor of Yan Xia, proofread by Zhao Ze, Liu Baoqing